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vENICE1 The KOHUT CITIES & PLACES RATING....   For more years than they sometimes care to remember, Janice and Chris Kohut have been travelling around the world for business and pleasure.  From Agra to Zihuatanejo and 202 places in between, these two Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society have been there, sampled the ambience, the food and the bars, and given the place their now-famous (and somewhat idiosyncratic) Kohut Rating. In February 2007 they returned to London from a 19 month triple round the world.  To see how they rate your favourite haunt, to gather ideas for your next excursion, or to just join in the debate, click on one of the links below...
vENICE2   Highly Recommended   21 places
  Recommended  65 places
  Good  64 places
  So-So  43 places
  Avoid  11 places
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